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Episode 70: Viva Clark – Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse

In this episode, I chat with my friend Viva about the abuse, both physical and emotional, she suffered as a child by her mother and the sexual abuse by a well-respected uncle. It took Viva years to be able to realize that the sexual abuse really did happen. She shares how those things have affected…

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Episode 65: “Emma” – Abortion

In this episode, I read a story that an anonymous guest wrote in about her experience with abortion. She shares about when she found out she was pregnant, how she felt, how she tried to work through her tough feelings, but ultimately chose the decision of getting an abortion. She shares her raw and real…

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October’s Top 10

Each month, I will do a post just like this that will include the top 10 podcasts for the previous month. I may be biased and I think you should listen to all of them.. There really are so many lessons to learn in each episode, even if you think you won’t relate to their…

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