I am so glad you’re here.

I am Jourdan (@jourdan_3 on Instagram). I started this podcast in hopes of shedding some light on all the topics that no one talks about. I know what it’s like to have a really bad day. I know how it feels when nothing is going your way. I know that you can feel alone… Like you are the only one in the world going through whatever it is. But I am happy to report that you are absolutely not alone. There are SO many people out there that have been through hard things – just like you. I am here to share their stories. It helps them to get it off their chest and it will help a listener to not feel so alone.

I also run a women’s clothing business, Jourdan’s Jewels. I work full-time at a local College as an Accounts Payable Manager. I am a one-woman show here and at Jourdan’s Jewels. I do all the commenting, emailing, social media, website stuff, recording, editing and publishing. I am a mother of two – one boy and one girl. I am married to a cute dude that really loves playing World of Warcraft. I am a sister to 5 – three brothers and two sisters, plus a cute sister-in-law. I am very close with my mom and bonus-mom.

“Hard Knocks” comes from a time when I was very little, maybe around 8 or so, something happened. Not sure of the specifics anymore, as I tried to block out many things {obviously successfully}, but my mom told my bonus-mom that life isn’t fair and we all have “Hard Knocks”. Kinda like Annie. “It’s a Hard Knock life, for me.” It has stuck with me since. I think it is a very fitting name for this podcast.

You will hear about the struggles that I’ve had in my own life throughout each podcast as I share bits and piece with them. I will also be doing my own solo episodes to tell more about my story. I came from a broken home. My dad had custody of me. My bonus-mom was only 16 when she married my 23 year old dad. I was three at that time. My bonus-mom is actually closer in age to me than my youngest sister (her daughter). So I’m sure you can imagine how much we butted heads. I had to grow up in the 5th grade because of some horrible choices my mom made. I was diagnosed with depression in the 6th grade. I was pregnant my Senior year of High School. I graduated High School with my Associate’s degree and in the top 15 of my class. I was a single mom by the time I was 20. Now, I’m married and have another child and I have a very good life. My dream job is to be a therapist. I have gone to school on and off for it. I am sick of that, so I’m buckling down and enrolling in classes to finish up, so I can do this professionally.

I am doing all this to help others. I am passionate about helping others – mentally and emotionally. I like to talk. I like to get down to the nitty gritty, no matter how hard it is. Because I know how freeing it is to talk and to get things off your chest!

I record all episodes in my bonus-mom’s salon in Richfield, Utah. All of the people that are local to me come there to record their episode with me. Follow along on Instagram for behind the scenes!

58087854_10218943139507366_1102510756194156544_nThis is me and my cute fam. ♥

Thank you so much for checking out my website and this About page!

If you have your own story to tell (you can remain anonymous, if you wish) or have a question, comment or suggestions, please send me an email (hardknockspod@gmail) or a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

♥ Jourdan