On April 21, 2019, I created the Hard Knocks Instagram page. A couple days before that, I had told my husband that I planned to start a podcast. He was supportive, but was surprised also because it came out of left field. I had never talked about doing this before! I didn’t (and still don’t) even know what I was doing! I went to Pinterest and Google and typed “How to Start a Podcast.” Everything stated that I needed a mic and a recording platform. So those were my first steps. I couldn’t even start to record without a mic, so I ordered this one. I threw together a website and found some groups about podcasting to help me out. I asked a few people I knew if they would be willing to share their story.

Once my mic came, I started recording on April 28, 2019. Then I launched my intro and first episode on May 1, 2019.

Throughout the year, I recorded nearly 100 episodes. I released 82 of them. Three people backed out after we had recorded, but before I released. One episode (audio) was pulled after it was released – that was an incredibly hard decision for me. Total number of people that were rescheduled after the initial date was set was 29. Three people didn’t show up or answer their phone – this was after we had confirmed everything, sent the contract, set up a time. I went down to the recording room and they didn’t show up or answer their phone. Funnily enough, those same three people had even followed up with me the night before to make sure we were on for the next day. Eighteen people didn’t respond back to me after I had given them a date or after my initial message asking them if they’d like to share their story. Total number of people that had canceled after we set a date, but before we started recording was 15.

Total number of downloads from May 1 – December 31, 2019 were 46,272!!!!

Thank you, again, to these people that donated money to the podcast: Kourtney, Vicki, Stacie, Nicole, Janie, Shayla (x2), my grandma Sharon, Kristi, Kenzie, Trish and ATO Crossfit (x2)! And Ty with a new mic!

Running a podcast does cost money!

I am doing this in what little spare time I have. This is something I am super passionate about, so I don't mind doing it out of pocket. But if you wanted to help out with some costs, it would be so appreciated! Money is spent on buying and hosting this website, recording and publishing equipment, plus I give each guest a little present as a THANK YOU from all of us for sharing their heart.


Top 10 episodes in 2019:
10 – Episode 76: Kati Mason
9 – Episode 8: Vicki Averett
8 – Episode 3: Casey Hudgens
7 – Episode 6: Shailee Garnier
6 – Episode 11: Carrie Crane
5 – Episode 51: Colton Ogden
4 – Episode 2: Emilie Farrer
3 – Episode 15: Jenessa Ogden, part 1
2 – Episode 1: Jourdan Watts
1 – Episode 16: Jenessa Ogden, part 2

Listen to the full episode here.

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