In this episode, I chat with Shataya about her parent’s divorce when she was 14, depression and an almost suicide attempt, meeting her son’s biological father after High School, getting pregnant when she always swore up and down that she never wanted kids, postpartum depression, breaking up with the father, meeting her current husband, helping him deal with his alcoholism, a nasty custody battle with her husband’s son that nearly ended their marriage and how she copes naturally with all of these things to stay healthy and sane.*

Shataya’s parents divorced when she was 14. Her mom moved in with an aunt and shortly after that, Shataya’s brother turned 18, so he moved out. It was just Shataya and her dad for a couple years. When her mom moved in with her grandma, she moved in with them and would drive 30 minutes one way each day to school.

After she graduated, she got a job and met her son’s biological father. Shataya had a really rough pregnancy, but easy labor. Once she had her son, his dad wouldn’t hold a job and Shataya didn’t like that, so she had him move out and they tried to make it work by not living together. It just didn’t sit right with her, so they broke up, but agreed to co-parent. She then started talking to her current husband.

Shataya talks about the plans she had to end her life and how her mom woke up just in time to save her. At that point, she began to seek help from a therapist. Medications have not worked for her, so she finds that going to the gym is the best thing she can do for herself. Once she had her son, she suffered really bad postpartum depression.

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Her husband has a son from a previous relationship. When Shataya and him first got together, he had not seen his son in some time. They went years fighting back and forth, spending tons of money on lawyers and time in court. Finally after about five years, they were able to see his son. All of that put a huge strain on their marriage and her husband was drinking excessively to cope. Shataya knew that was not a life she wanted to live, so she confronted her husband about his drinking and together, they’ve been able to work through it. In the midst of all that, Shataya felt like she lost herself. She was so busy being a mom, wife and employee. She began going to the gym and was finally able to be herself again.

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*Please note: this is the guest’s story. Their story is how they perceive it. It is not my judgement or responsibility to determine whether or not this story and the things said are true. Please be open minded when listening to/reading these stories.

-Shataya’s favorite book series: Vampire Academy
-Shataya’s favorite product: Bang energy drinks
-Shataya’s song recommendation: Champion by Carrie Underwood (listen on the Hard Knocks podcast guest list on Spotify)
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