In this episode, Michelle shares briefly about her learning disability, a long-term abusive relationship and her infertility diagnosis. It was a combination of all those things that led her to become a self-published author.*

When Michelle went to University, she was struggling with her studies and her writing. Someone suggested she get tested and Michelle learned she had a severe learning disability and was only writing at a 9th grade level. The person that did the assessment said that he would be surprised if she graduated. Needless to say, she sent him a letter after her graduation. 🙂

Michelle was also in a long-term abusive relationship. This made her very anxious and depressed. Luckily, she was able to get out of this relationship.

She then met her husband and was later diagnosed with infertility. Michelle knew nothing about infertility, so she went to a bookstore to do some research. When she got there, she asked the worker where the infertility books were and she stared blankly. There was none.

Michelle Young - Quote

Listen to the episode to hear all the details.

*Please note: this is the guest’s story. Their story is how they perceive it. It is not my judgement or responsibility to determine whether or not this story and the things said are true. Please be open minded when listening to/reading these stories.

Michelle’s books
-Michelle’s book recommendations: Anything by Ruth Ware, especially In a Dark, Dark Wood
-Michelle’s favorite product: Essential Oil Diffuser
You are a Badass book
-Michelle’s song recommendation: You Say by Lauren Daigle (listen on the Hard Knocks guest list on Spotify)
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-My ending song recommendation: Enough by Reba (listen on the Hard Knocks playlist on Spotify)

“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as being stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

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