In this episode, I chat with my friend Emily about the project she started called – the Kindness Matters Project. There are eight different shirts to represent the word “kindness” and they each say something different, but encouraging. There is also a wonderful message on the back of every shirt. Emily’s goal with this project is to help others – kids, parents, teachers, etc. – to recognize the good.

My friend Emily started the Kindness Matters Project by making some shirts. There are eight different color shirts because there are eight letters in the word “kindness.” Each shirt says something different – all words of encouragement. On the back of every shirt, it says “In case no one has told you today, the world needs you.”


Emily wanted to start this project for a number of reasons. One being that her 11 year old daughter’s friend had sent some texts saying that the world would be better off without her. That really scared Emily and with all the suicides we’ve had in our area lately, Emily really wants to change the mindset of everyone and highlight the good. Another reason was that a boy who is a known trouble maker actually helped her daughter get out of a scary situation. Emily let the Principal know and the Principal commended the young boy and the mom of the boy even called Emily thanking her because no one had ever recognized anything good.

Emily really wants to get these shirts in schools so that the teachers and Principals can reward the students for their good deeds and the halls will be filled with these rainbow colored shirts. Emily hopes that the question students will ask is “what did you do to earn your shirt?” so the child can feel proud of themselves for something good they did.

You can also buy one, get one. So two shirts for the price of one with hopes that you or your child will look for and recognize the good that others do and you can give them a shirt as a way of saying “thank you.”

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Encouragement signs by Mary Conder
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