In this episode, I share all the questions and answers that I asked you amazing supporters a bunch of parenting-related questions on Instagram. Thank you to those who participated and responded!

Questions I asked you:
-What has been the hardest thing about parenting? (This was my first question and I totally said the wrong question in the episode. Doh. 🤦)
-What age has been the hardest for you an why?
-What has been your favorite thing about parenting?
-What has been the easiest age?
-Are you a helicopter parent?
-The funniest thing your kid has said?
-You know you’re a parent when __________?
-Do you/did you co-sleep?
-Do you believe in the “cry it out” method?
-Do you spank?
-Do your kids do chores?
-Do they earn money for doing the basic everyday chore (cleaning their room and picking up their stuff around the house)?
-Do your kids get screen time?
-What is a word that your child says incorrectly that is funny?

Questions you asked me:
-Do you think how you grew up affects how you parent?
-Are your parenting styles different between Karsyn and Kamryn?
-Which gender scares you more to raise?
-Co-parenting? Step parents with rules? Do step parents have a say?
-Does mixed family/step parenting get easier or is it always hard to adjust?

Questions you asked other parents:
-How do you stop siblings from fighting?
-My kid has a hard time focusing at home. What are some tips in creating a space to work in?
-How you have time or energy for fun activities all the time?
-How do you keep your house looking so nice?
-How do you afford trips?
-How to teach your kid to stick up for themselves without being a bully?
-What age do you talk to your kids about not being touched inappropriately?
-Sassiness: how do you make it stop?
-What do you do when your kiddos of different ages absolutely do not get along?

Listen to the full episode to hear all the details.

-Write down the funny/sweet things your kids say and do. I promise, you will forget them if you don’t write it down.
-Talk to your children early about inappropriate touching and use the correct terms for their private areas. Make sure they also know that it is critical they tell you and they will not be in trouble or hurt by the other person. Let them know you are the parent and you have the capacity to handle it.

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