In this solo episode with me, Jourdan, your host, I answer questions that you amazing supporters asked me on Instagram! Topics include being a working mom and the struggles that come along with that, my tattoos, podcast talk and my two sweet kids’ birth stories.

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Thank you all for your support! If I didn’t have you as the listener and guests to tell their story, this podcast would go nowhere. Some of you have left me the nicest iTunes/Apple Podcast reviews and I cry every time I read through them haha.

I’ve had some of you ask how you can support the podcast. I love this question, and again, thank you so much! To support the podcast, you can leave a 5 star rating, leave a review, like and comment on my posts, share my posts and lastly, donate money.


Running a podcast does cost money!

I am doing this in what little spare time I have. This is something I am super passionate about, so I don't mind doing it out of pocket. But if you wanted to help out with some costs, it would be so appreciated! Money is spent on buying and hosting this website, recording and publishing equipment, plus I give each guest a little present as a THANK YOU from all of us for sharing their heart.


A huge thank you to the people that have donated their own hard earned money – Kourtney, Vicki, Stacie, Nicole, Janie, Shayla, Sharon and Kristi. ♥ And a business donation from ATO Crossfit.

An update on how the show is going: great, obviously! We are currently 31 episodes in. Although I have recorded more than 60. I am still super embarrassed that I don’t have an intro or outro. Editing a podcast takes me about 3x as long as the recording. Example: if the recording is 20 minutes long, it takes me about an hour to edit the recording itself, then type up the show notes, add links, make graphics, etc. I do all of this by myself, on top of being pregnant for a third time (technically 4th, since I had a miscarriage in January), two very busy and active children, working full time outside of my home, two dogs, a home with bills to pay, groceries to buy, dinner to cook, messes to clean, etc., plus a husband. 🙂 This really is a big sacrifice for me, but I absolutely love it and I know this is what I need to be doing.

Questions I received and answered during this episode –
1 – What it’s like to be a working mom and all of the struggles that come along with it (emotional, physical, trust, mom guilt, missing out on so much time, etc.), as well as what it’s like to be a working breastfeeding mom.
2 – If you were to get another tattoo, what would it be?
3 – How did you get to be so wise at such a young age?
4 – What is the hardest podcast you have done, whether hard for personal reasons or subject?
5- Birth stories on both babies.

Listen to the full episode to hear all the details!

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