Each month, I will do a post just like this that will include the top 10 podcasts for the previous month.

I may be biased and I think you should listen to all of them.. There really are so many lessons to learn in each episode, even if you think you won’t relate to their topics, I promise you will find something you can resonate with. However, I understand if you don’t listen to all of them.

Drumroll, please….

Top 10

10 – Episode 5: JaKale Park – Dealing with Depression and Anxiety, as well as a Child with Anxiety

9 – Episode 8: Vicki Averett – Ectopic Pregnancy, Overcoming a Drug Addiction, Divorce, Dating and Raising a Blended Family with 6 Kids

8 – Episode 3: Casey Hudgens – Talking about Her Sister’s Death, Domestic Abuse, Divorce and Life as a Single Mom

7 – Episode 15: Jenessa Ogden, Part 1 – Being Adopted, Pregnant in High School, Placing for Adoption and Meeting Her Birth Parents

6 – Episode 16: Jenessa Ogden, part 2 – A Marital Affair and How to Make Your Marriage Work After

5 – Episode 6: Shailee Garnier – Loss of a Brother and Ways to Deal with Grief

4 – Episode 2: Emilie Farrer – Living with Type 1 Diabetes and Being a Single Mom

3 – Episode 11: Carrie Crane – Abusive Childhood, Pregnant 3 Times in High School, Adoption, Divorce and Making Something of Yourself

2 – Intro to Hard Knocks

1 – Episode 1: Jourdan Watts – Early Life and What Led to Her Being a Single Mom

Thank you all SO much for your support! I couldn’t do this without the guests and listeners.