Hooooooooooraaaaaaayyyyy!! After 11 long days of waiting (haha!), the podcast is FINALLY available on the Apple Podcast app.

I’m so excited for you Apple users to finally be able to listen. I know some of you got tired of waiting and just downloaded the Castbox app, which I really appreciate!


Now for the other exciting things…

Have you noticed along the top menu bar, there is now two new tabs? One is Shop and one is Gifts.

By clicking the Shop tab, you will see the collaboration I am doing with Hard Knocks and my clothing business, Jourdan’s Jewels. I couldn’t totally give up my clothing business, so I decided to just carry a Hard Knocks line. You will find all the graphic tees, some jewelry and lots of things that are motivational and inspirational. I am super excited for the graphic tees. They will have great quotes (some motivational, some sassy, some moving, some empowering, etc.). I think I am going to find a stationary line to carry there, as well. Check the Shop tab often and sign up for the Jourdan’s Jewels newsletter to be notified when new things come in!


Next is the Gifts tab. Here you will find a good, long list of gifts I like to give or would like to give. There is also a “Jourdan’s Favorite Things” tab, where I put only things I actually own, use and love!

I am a huge gift giver. I love to give gifts. So if you’re ever in need of something, check out the Gifts tab. I’ve got them separated into categories: husband, wife, boy, girl, teacher, friend, mother, thank you, baby, just because, etc.