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Episode 88: Paul Sando – Rejection from Coming Out as Gay, Marrying a Woman, Adopting Two Kids, Marrying a Man, Divorce and Cancer

I was super excited about this episode! I chat with Paul, a gay man about his life. Get ready for some ups and downs and crazy twists and turns! So good! Paul talks about abandonment issues from his mom, coming out as gay to his dad and school, marrying a woman, adopting two kids with…

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Episode 82: SEASON 2 IS HERE! 2019 in Review

On April 21, 2019, I created the Hard Knocks Instagram page. A couple days before that, I had told my husband that I planned to start a podcast. He was supportive, but was surprised also because it came out of left field. I had never talked about doing this before! I didn’t (and still don’t)…

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December’s Top 10

Each month, I will do a post just like this that will include the top 10 podcasts for the previous month. I may be biased and I think you should listen to all of them.. There really are so many lessons to learn in each episode, even if you think you won’t relate to their…

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